2 definitions by FinleyD

A word that can be used to replace anybodys name. It originated from the word Yelnif, which is the name Finley backwards.

Smelnif is not a widely know word, but anyone that knows the word will know exactly what it means, as the definition will have been told to them by a 'Smelnif guru'.

This word is deeply offencive, to the degree that if mentioned infront of a fellow follower or Smelnif, then they will probably call you Mr. Smelnif in a vulgar tone.

The most common time for Smelnif to be used is when somebody is being reffered to as Mr. Smelnif

"I hate you... MR SMELNIF!"

"Oh my god! Youre a right Smelnif you are!"
by FinleyD November 12, 2012
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