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1 definition by FingersMaloy

There's nothing wrong with us!
These's nothing wrong with us!
Toys! Cars! Games! Moldels!
Toys! Cars! Games! Movies!
Toys! Cars! Games! Monsters!
The Eltingvi... uh wait no I mean TOMICON.

before THE TOMICON there was the Secrete 5. The S5 went bad, too many people with impure intents. We killed it. We as in the elder council. The elder council is all knowing. You can't fuck with the elder council. The elder council created TOMICON. TOMICON is pure.

There are many imitations. There is only one TOMICON.
1: Are you going to TOM...
2: Shut the fuck up! (TOMICON must be secrete)
by FingersMaloy January 13, 2005