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A means of intensifying orgasm by depriving the body of oxygen. Is preformed my both sexes, and can be done alone while masturbatiing, or during sex. People usually bite on a citric fruit, eg lemon, lime, to bring them back to earth after they orgasm. It often accidently kills the people preveorming it.
That aussie rock guy died of autoerotic asphyxiation, y'know.
by Fingers McHunt July 09, 2003
A chair with a dildo/vibrator attatched to it. A person, normally female but often male, is strapped in and has the dildo turned on, while they have the time of their life.
I had a go on my grandmother's Orgasm Chair.
by Fingers McHunt July 09, 2003
An informal name for the godsent cannabis. Also Wacky. From Latin "Waccius Baccius" meaning 'to get high and chill, man.'
Gimme some wacky baccy now please, Madam.
by Fingers McHunt July 09, 2003
The Penis, especially one of a military man or one of a man dressed in military gear.
The soldier shot the load out of his beef bayonet.
by Fingers McHunt July 09, 2003
sadism & masochism

Where two or more people team up. One, "S" inflicts pain and/or dominates the other, the "M". Often people use whips, gags, and handcuffs to help. Also see bondage.
She asked if I was interested in S&M.
by Fingers McHunt July 09, 2003
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