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3 definitions by Fingenurgen

An old Scandinavian, possibly Norwegian, greeting.
Come in, sit down, and have a truffle.
by Fingenurgen January 12, 2012
1. Giving a handjob while you really don't want to, so you growl and mutter all the way through it.

2. Using a beer growler and your hand to give someone/yourself a handjob.
Mary was late for work, but Chad insisted. So it ended up being a handjob growler that took twice as long.
by Fingenurgen August 29, 2012
1. Wiggling your finger in the armpit of a camel with the express purpose of eliciting a laugh from the animal.

2. Trying to talk a Turkish cab driver into a lower fare.

3. Manual manipulation of a woman's naughty bits.
Bo would not be deterred by spit. He continued to tickle the camel. The laughing animal would surely cause MaryLindaSue to become enamored with him once more.
by Fingenurgen March 17, 2013