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A Conical-shaped dildo, that is kept in the freezer
Just one Cornetto, put it in theee! Deliscious Ice cream, in your pusssseee!
by Finesilver January 11, 2005
A descriptive word ascribing to a shag of the highest echelon. It is an expression of post-coital delight of the equal of shagging a celebrity. It can also be interchanged for the word stupendous when used to describe other acts/objects
"That was fucktabulous darling, just like shagging Beyonce"

"What a fucktabulous bong, I am well and truly fucked"

"That was a fucktabulous film, I particularly liked the part where she smoked a cigar whilst inserting a wine bottle in her rectum"
by Finesilver January 12, 2005
"Starburst" refers to a rare phenomenon,that blights misfortunate female adult film actresses. With the advent of "monstor cock" movies, the starburst has become a growing albeit still rare problem. A starburst is the painful consequence of a pornstar having either their vag or ring visciously split open by an enormous penis. The risk is magnified if 2 members enter one entrance in a double donging. Fisting is also a cause of intra pubic fissures.
What to do in the case of a Starburst emergency?
Well it goes without saying that prevention is better than treatment so the official line given from the starburst provention society is to : "apply copious amounts of KY in order to assist lubrication when shafting nasty bitches". Should a tear/starbust occur follow these proceedures, its as easy as S-P-U-N-K!:

1. STEM the flow of blood (place pressure on the surrounding area of the hole

2. PLACE an ice pack on said area

3. UTILIZE panties as a dressing

4. NOTE whether there is any swelling in the membranes.

5. KILL time by having a wank
(Applicable only to pornstars)
RECTAL STARBURST - back passage fissure
VAGINAL STARBURST- Serious split/tear of the pussy
A&E STARBURST- Extreme life threatening Starburst
S&M STARBURST - Purposeful split to create a pleasure/pain sensation -(use S-P-U-N-K if you decide to try this)
by Finesilver January 11, 2005
Having a monster cock, in excess of 12 inches.
a large-cocked man who
is not well liked.
COCKY SON OF A BITCH - a well hung gentleman who is the offsprint of a female cat or dog.
- A gay man who is partial to
anal intusion,applicable to both givers and takers, performed with the aid of a huge penis
e.g. Simon Cowell is a cocky bugger
COCKY was also original verb from which the phrase
COCK OF THE WALK was derived. This ascertains to
an impaired pattern of walking. The gait of the subject is altered,
due to excessive extension of the penis
by Finesilver January 10, 2005
Quite possibly the most annoying person that has ever lived. Has a good voice, but the personality of a newly catrated dog. She is overweight, but persists in wearing crack whore couture. She absolutely loves herself - bloody annoying
The other contributor has Mariah Careyitis - an infectious disease that passes between teenagers, in which the recipient idolises a sad aging cow, who thinks she is the centre of the universe
by Finesilver January 17, 2005
This is the term for rogering a Chinese woman's backpassage.
- I want to go to Shanghai, so that I can pay a Chinese hooker to receice my wad in her rectum
by Finesilver January 11, 2005
1.A Nazi
2.A Derrogative term for a German: "Look at that Prince harry with the friggin' towel on the sunbed"
Adolf Hitler
Joseph Goebbels
Heinrich Himmler
Cliff Richard
by Finesilver January 16, 2005

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