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When a Troll and Mall Ninja have an off spring, it is called a Trollkin.

More often then naught the Trollkin likes to make posts on the wingnut side of life. They love their firearms more then your normal gun owner does. They tend to express a lot of opinions and refer to them as facts. They love to claim about having "proven" some point when in fact they have done is post a badly written opinion. You'll always know a Trollkin based on their lack of grammar and spelling mistakes for each post.
They also tend to idolize so-called adults who in turn lack any sense of social skills.
Enviromoto: From my experience the chrome lined barrel AK47 are indestructible. Wish I could affard another one. Just got done restocking the ammobox so Ill have to wait till next year or get lucky.

Twit: Umm, why do you keep posting about AK-47's and your experiences with firearms on a BBS that has nothing to do with firearms? Are you always such a Trollkin?

Spock: He's kind of a jerk, but not in a funny way.
by Filmtwit September 11, 2009
A very righteous Cracker of sorts who loves to spew their thoughts and beliefs. Unfortunately most of these thoughts and beliefs espoused tend to come from complete ignorance and/or complete lack of understanding. Has a air of preacher in them and needs to communicate one's own beliefs and opinions as much as possible while trying to belittle anyone who disagrees with them.

More often the Crackers-san hates science, since it's filled with those darn tootin facts that keep proven the Cracker-san wrong. But remember, the Cracker-san will never admit defeat and will continue to argue stating everything is a just an opinion and of course the Cracker-san's opinion is always right.
Well at least right in the Cracker-san's opinion.
ABV: The Immaculate Conception isn't even fully understood by most Christians, much less Catholics. But let me tell you . . .

Twit: Preach on Cracker-san, Preach on!
by filmtwit November 11, 2009
The very low feeling one get's when proven wrong, usually by a some one you think is dumber then you, but in fact is generally a lot smarter and more knowledgeable then your self.
I refuse to admit that damn Bumball really got me on that one.
He did, but dammit if I'll ever admit it.
by filmtwit October 19, 2009

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