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An avid fan of actor James McAvoy. May also be spelled McAvoyer.
After my friend and I watched Atonement and Becoming Jane, we became complete McAvoyeurs.
by FilmFanatic May 21, 2011
Someone who identifies with at least some Catholic teachings and traditions, likely because of upbringing, but is not active in the Catholic Church.

A "cultural Catholic" was raised in a Catholic family, probably attended Catholic services as a child, and possibly attended Catholic school for at least a few years. Catholic teachings and traditions may influence the person's behavior, decision-making, and holiday celebrations, but a "cultural Catholic" no longer attends Mass or practices his or her faith. The person may continue to attend weddings, funerals, and other events that take place in the Catholic Church but does so out of consideration for family and friends rather than as an expression of his or her own faith.
That family goes to the movies rather than to Mass on Christmas Day, but they still incorporate a manger into their holiday decor because they're "cultural Catholics."
by FilmFanatic August 21, 2013
An independent, modern woman who is happier living a fulfilling single life than actively pursuing romantic relationships. Most freemales have well-paying jobs, a close-knit network of friends, and a tendency to pursue hobbies, life-enrichment classes, travel, and other activities alone and/or with friends. Some freemales are open to partnering with someone who fits into their busy lives but don’t actively pursue romantic relationships, while others intend to remain single for the long term or permanently. In short, a freemale is a professional woman who is single and genuinely loving it.
Samantha Jones is a freemale. Bridget Jones is the antithesis of a freemale.
by FilmFanatic October 20, 2012
A delightfully debilitating experience that James McAvoy fans (or others) feel when the actor knows that he's sending off "hotness" signals and can control it. Often abbreviated as "MASE" and used to describe a specific kind of "attack."
Did you see James in those tight jeans at his latest premiere? I feel a serious McAvoy Arrow of Sexual Energy (MASE) attack coming on!
by FilmFanatic May 18, 2011
An animal that a human keeps as a companion; pet. This phrase is popular among animal rights activists who find the idea of owning a pet to be exploitative.
My neighbor offered to care for my companion animals while I'm out of town next week.
by FilmFanatic August 23, 2013
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