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a severe douche, a mega douchebag, one who has reached the pinnacle of douchedom, a simpleton with issues.
Tim you are annoying the fuck out of me you fawking douche-o-potamus. Buyaa!!!
by Fillmore Slim March 29, 2005
A term used in states where there is no snowfall and therefore there are small bumps or reflectors placed on the road generally on lane lines. Because of this drivers can "drive by braille" by just swerving the other way once they hit these bumps. This is quite convenient when trying to sleep while driving.
Man, it's so foggy all I'm just driving by braille.
by Fillmore Slim December 24, 2004
A gloriously pointless and awesomely gross sexual move (see houdini) in which the man, upon ejaculating onto the back of his partner, takes a straw and slurps it all up. Gnarly to say the least. No reports of anyone actually doing it thus far.
"When I finished with Faqwanda I went deep sea shrimping."
"Get out of my sight."
by Fillmore Slim June 25, 2004
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