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Any internet site, role-playing game, or other form of non-personal electronic medium which allows the user to pose as virtually anyone. This is primarily enacted by males, especially in an early adolescent stage of development, who pretend to be females in hopes of attracting both unheard of amounts attention, and possibly cyber, due to their inherent need to act like a lonely, seducing, barely legal teen.

Why this occurs is unknown to modern science, but great strides are being made in the field by independent researchers. As of now, these facts are known: Any "female" who attempts to advertise that fact is, indeed, a male. Any female who cannot stop chatting with guys, about "guy things", such as cars, other women, or what they happen to be (or not be) wearing, is most likely a guy. There are cases, however, that this is proven false. further testing is required. And finally, any female who attempts anything sexual, blatantly or otherwise, is most likely a male.

If there is a victim of a transvestsite you know, few simple steps should be taken:
1) If they do not know their one night stand, or relationship, was with a transvestsite, do not tell them so, but rather allow them to continue in peace.
1b) If it is known that there was a transvestsite encounter, instead of the advertised, tell the victim that they were joking, and that it was a clever way to "break up".
2) Administer a reassuring therapy session, telling the victim that it was not their fault.
3) Repress any sort of memory of the incident, and advise the victim to do the same.
Jerry: Dude! I got some hot tail last night over MySpace!

Skippy: Who?

Jerry: Her name was "lovely for you".

Skippy: Oh, man... that's Chris...

Jerry: Chris...tine?

Skippy: No. Chris from English class. He's a transvestsite.

Jerry: oh.... Duuuude....
by Fig_Newton March 01, 2009
The status of being exceptionally cool, whether used in truth or jest. Can also be used to define something pleasing, visually or otherwise.
Larry: Wow! that new car is amadamic! Check out the custom paint!

Mei-Ling: umm... yeah... that's amadamic...
Skippy: Yeah, my collection of rare pennies is pretty cool.
by Fig_Newton November 15, 2008
Any person who repeatedly contributes to street-side beggars, despite the fact that though the sign says "hungry. war vet. need food.", everyone knows and understands that any cent given will go directly to cheap vodka.
Dude, Tom give five dollars to every homeless guy in L.A.! What a hobo whore.
by Fig_Newton December 08, 2008
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