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3 definitions by FierceAcrobat

The sexiest grapefruit in town, with copiously puffy nipples. Everyone wants a slice. Occasionally dons sexy outfits for pleasure in the bedroom. Constantly tripping balls.
Raah I'm jammysmiff. Damn my nips are more puffy than a puffling
by FierceAcrobat July 08, 2010
A lucritive bear found in the southern reaches of England. It's diet mainly consists of honey and young puffin's (puffling's). While indigenous to the areas around launceston it can be noted that inhabitants do not hunt the bear, and that it quite surprisingly has a rudimentary grasp of indo-european phonetic word formation, able to articulate such proto-words as "babooshka"; the meaning of which is still under debate by linguists around the world.
"Dude did you see that Akielan before? It completely mullered that puffling"
-"Yeah, I did. I kind of want to have sex with it"
by FierceAcrobat May 13, 2010
The scientific name for a baby puffin
"That puffling is so cute"
by FierceAcrobat May 13, 2010