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Definitely one of the coolest sports ever. Played by the most in-shape, athletic, and determined girls. Involves a stick (wood or composite), a cork and plastic ball, and a goal cage. Played with sometimes 7, sometimes 11 players of the field including the goalkeeper.
The goalkeeper has got to be the bravest, awesomest, hottest girl ever to stand in goal like that and let heavy balls be shot at her. Simply awesome.
Stupid person 1: woah, what's that sport called? it looks soo awesome. they're uniforms kick ass!

Stupid person 2: dude, i have no idea, but those are some pretty hot determined looking girls over there.

Awesome Educated person: Dumbasses, that's just the best sport in the world right there, with the hottest, awesomest girls ever created. Damn.

** All in awe**
by Field hockey freaaaaak! November 12, 2004
A shack on a hill. A school in Falls Church, Virginia. Co-ed, small, christian. Small variety of sports, small variety of guys, and girls. Strict as hell, very isolated. Full of prudes and Religion obsessors. Just sucks nuts.
Tip: Don't go there. Ever. It will ruin your high school experience.
Guy 1 to Girl 1: How was your high school?
Girl 1 to Guy 1: It sucked my nuts.
Guy 1: Why?
Girl 1: Cuz i went to trinity at meadow view, where they punish you for looking at a boy.
by Field hockey freaaaaak! November 12, 2004

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