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A difficult, physically exhuasting sport played by aggressive and determined girls and sometimes guys. There are usually 11 players on the field (right back, center back, left back, right mid, center mid, left mid, right wing, right link, left link, left wing and goalie.) The point of the game is to drive the plastic/cork ball into the opposing teams' goal. Those who say field hockey isn't a real sport, you are truly ignorant. You must be able to endure the constant sprinting and be able to stop, dribble, slap, push and drive the ball for long distances. You must be able to endure the constant pain of places where you've been hitten by a stick or ball and sprains. Field Hockey players DO NOT play because we want to feel important, nor is it for the entertainment of male watchers. Players play for the love of the game, which is the only way you can stand 6 month hockey season (pre-season starting in June and the season ending in November.) The game has nothing to do with sexuallity, out of the 50 some people on my team, every single one of us is straight. Although it is true that many Field Hockey players wear skirts to play, some wear shorts, meaning the game has nothing to do with wanting to see other girls in short skirts. If anybody disrespecting Field Hockey played for just one game, you would be amazed by people who can stand it for a whole season.
Stephaine: What are you doing after school?
Julia: I've got field hockey practice for the next three hours.
Stephanie: Man, you still play that? It was so hard I had to quit during pre-season. You must really love the sport, I respect that.
by Field Hockey Player September 29, 2007

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