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The most extreme of all athletic exercises. A rower will push him/herself to extreme of levels of pain. You first rush up with the ore at the ends of your hand, your legs crunched up in front of you, and arms fully extended. From there your ore gets dipped down into the water and your legs drive using every ounce of power back wards moving the ore through the water with the force of a freight train. After exerting every bit of energy you have backwards doing this your arms and back do a similar motion while your legs are extended. Now that every ounce of power is gone and you want nothing more then a break you rush up to the position you started in with perfect unison of the other 3-7 people in your boat. This is then repeated around every 2 second for 5-20 minuets. This is not a sport for the faint of heart, the weak, or someone who wont die for it or anyone on there team. It is rewarding from the discipline, the toned body, and the unity it creates with other rowers. Who dosn't love it?
rowing, death, erg, fun, crew
by Fidinn October 15, 2008

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