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6 definitions by Fidelio

A failed attempt to "improve" furry fandom, comprised largely of well-intentioned furries but lacking any real direction. The whole business collapsed when the members turned on eachother and a few went nuts.
See that troll on Portal of Evil? He was a burned fur once, before he went crazy.
by Fidelio April 26, 2005
Formerly the Squeaky Clean Furry Archives, this website hosted furry art of a completely clean nature. Overtime the site became very selective of who it let in, and so being accepted onto Yerf was considered a great honor for aspiring furry artists.
Yerf was The best furry art archive EVAR. Wish I could have gotten in.
by Fidelio January 26, 2005
The artist who originated the Kyoldie trend of drawing werewolves in Native American garb.
This chick is totally ripping off Goldenwolf. I am going to report her to the Art Police.
by Fidelio January 26, 2005
An art style based on Kyoht and Goldenwolf, primarily featuring noble werewolves in Indian settings but also characterized by neck manes and paw hands.
This chick needs to stop drawing in the Kyoldie style and develop her own talent.
by Fidelio January 26, 2005
Sarcastic birdwatcher and spastic inker. Often wearing a hat.
Dustmeat cannot seem to navigate these roads.
by Fidelio January 25, 2005
An internet troll and stalker of young ladies.
Swell, my livejournal has been flamed by Hangdog,
by Fidelio January 25, 2005