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Probably one-a-tha coolest 'n' cutest gals evar. Sexxy as hay-le, she aint no 'tute but she'll smackaho if one of them gets all up in her greeeeel. She sure aint all sass tho. In fact, most o' the time, she givin' me smiles 'stead'a wipin' 'em off the face o' dem hos.
This one day my bud Charlene was jokin' around, tossin pumpkin caps at the off person. At one point, she flings one at ol' Anais without realisin' the full implications of her actions. Anyways, that hot booty-prowler comes rollin' on over with her cuppa and gives that ho a faceful of hot water to think about, and that was that.
by Fiddddy cent March 19, 2009

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