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The act of men observing and admiring the use of fancy, expensive tools to build projects and fix problems in ways that the average man has no hope of accomplishing in real life. These are typically television programs or magazines where the porn is presented by experts to be appealing to an average schlub who does not possess the means to imitate them.
Did you watch {This Old House, Trucks!, etc.} yesterday? I love watching tool porn.

I take the tool catalog to the bathroom to be alone with my porn.
by FiatLukes October 23, 2009
Actively seeking out tours of large industrial facilities for the pure enjoyment of large, expensive, loud machinery and structures. Examples include ship engine rooms, factories, mines, construction sites, and power plants that the general public does not necessarily see. These locations usually require personal protective equipment like hard hats, safety glasses and ear plugs.
I took lots of pictures at the cement plant b/c I like to document my hard hat tourism.
by FiatLukes November 12, 2009
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