21 definitions by Fez

A type of person who is small and ginger. Who is very annoying and looks like a gimp.
Me-"Wat up Gimli!"
by Fez October 13, 2004
1-Some ones school bag
2-Someones shite bag
3-A plastic bag
1-"Lol look at that suckers school bag"
2-"-fart-Ops My bag"
3-"wtf u gotta buy lidls plastic carrier bags!"
by Fez October 14, 2004
1-Flying carpet
2-Floor carpet
3-Car pet
1-"omg that guy has a flying carpet!"
2-"omg such a dirty carpet
3-"ooo a car pet"
by Fez October 14, 2004
The sound that joshking makes when he is excited when seeing men.
Joshking-"Ohhhhhhhh woooo"
by Fez October 14, 2004
1- a type of spaceship

2- a guy who drive a futeristic flying vehicle
1- "Dam that guy is driving the naboo pretty fast!"

2- "Hey naboo! when u taking me and the guys to the moon bro?"
by Fez October 13, 2004
one of the biggest beasts around.
"Dam fez is such a beastly beast!"
by Fez October 13, 2004
Tending to complain or grumble; peevish or grumpy.
feelin grouchy today
by Fez February 16, 2005

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