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When the word "Duh" and "Obviously" are mixed together. It is used when someone asks a question that is really stupid and the answer is fairly obvious.
Ben: Is the football game Friday?

Sawyer: It's always on Friday.

Ben: Who is playing?

Sawyer: SVHS Rangers and CLHS Mustangs, duhviously.
by Fetish King October 30, 2010
A vagina that is having a herpes outbreak while also on it's period. The term "lava" is used because it looks like a volcano. The term "waffle" is from the term "blue waffle."
Sawyer: Dude! Guess what?!?
Kip: What?
Sawyer: I would of had sex with your mom last night, but she had a Lava Waffle!
by Fetish King February 17, 2011
The sexual act of sticking a penis in between the fat folds of the neck or shoulder of an over-weight or obese person in the way that mimics a violin.
Jeff: Hey man, how was Angeline, that chick you met on myspace?

Sawyer: She was so horny she asked me to give her a throat violin!

Jeff: Damn, she must of been pretty fat.
by Fetish King July 30, 2010

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