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The Kabalarian philosophy is a religious 'cult' based on the teachings of Alfred J. Parker. They base a large part of the teachings around Name Analysis. Despite the use of the word 'Kabala' in the word, Kabalarian Philosophy is not related to the teachings or practitioners of Kabala.
A Kabalarian philosophy teaches that you might be happier with a different first name that matches your last name better.
by Festerius March 17, 2006
Having or being afflicted with a cameltoe.
Damn! That girl got some Cameltoesis!
by Festerius October 02, 2003
To give or receive oral sex while driving a motor vehicle.
Yeah, she gave me gogurt on the way over here!
by Festerius August 16, 2004
Festerius is some what of a minor internet celebrity that has been seen all over the internet since 1993. There are about 150 different refrences if you search for 'Festerius' on google.
Dude, did you see what that Festerius guy posted on our message board? Who is this weirdo?
by Festerius October 02, 2003

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