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1. Unlovely language spoken to communicate boring practical information or other mundane ideas. Talk of insurance policies, long distance calling plans, or investment banking invariably produces anti-banter.

2. The opposite of banter. It is hypothesized that when banter and antibanter meet, they annihilate one another.
As my boss launched into a painfully detailed lecture on the new filing system, I felt myself sinking into the black hole of his anti-banter.

Miri is Sarah’s other half, the banter to her anti-banter.
by Ferret Frolicker September 23, 2006
A man (or woman, but then it isn't as amusingly alliterative) who will only perform oral sex on a woman from underneath the covers.
Brent: I'm not much for eating pussy...
JP: Dear god, you're not a mole man, are you?! Lame, dude.
by Ferret Frolicker September 28, 2006
Opposite of anti-banter.
Sarah's wonderuflly pointless banter provided a much needed release after her professor's dry, unwaiveringly pracgmatic anti-banter.
by Ferret Frolicker September 23, 2006
1. The name of a shot composed of very bad rail whiskey and a dash of tobacco, tasting comparable to a hamburger doused in lighter fluid. Invented in Madison, Wisconsin, it is rumored to be an antidote for definition #2.

2. Flaccidity of the penis caused by consuming too much alcohol.
As Josh and Nikko ordered a round of whisky dicks, Sarah smiled, knowing she would be the only one of the trio getting any pussy tonight.

by Ferret Frolicker September 19, 2006
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