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Fursecution is a word consiting of fur and persecution. Fursecution is when somebody deliberatly persecute a furry for being a furry.

This is much like the persecution of the Jews or Africans, only many, many times less violent. Most fursecution seems to happen on forums with furry haterspost about how furries are "totaly gay, lol" and "fagzors". Judging from their spelling, childish insults, and amount of posts, we can safely assume these men and women have no lives. A shame.

Then, there is the OTHER meaning of the word. This is used b by the EXTREMELY small amount of over-dramatic furries who, if they drop their icecream, would call gravity a fursecuter.
My furry website was taken down for no reason. This must be fursecution.
by Fernandothegreat July 11, 2006

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