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–verb (used with object)

to form one’s hands into shape of cup upon the boob of a female, in a cheeky and provocative manner for the amusement of the perpetrator.
Eddie: How are things with you and Susan?
Richie: Not bad, I had a Happy Cup last night.
by Fern Croft July 27, 2009
A Carlisle Sleepover is most commonly held by males in their teens and early twenties, where usually just the one mate is invited to stay overnight at the bedroom of another mate. The two usually start off smoking weed, drinking cheap cider, listening to hip-hop & happy hardcore and talking shite. As the night goes on their homoerotic urges set in and one finds an excuse to take his shirt off, being 'hot' is a good example. As the sexual tension goes underway the two end up sat on the bed, bollock naked with a couple of humming erections. Both glaring with a passion at their mate's throbbing hard-on, yet are too nervous and shy to make the first move.
I have just realised why Gaz and Darren are so awkward round each other lately, Gaz stayed over at Darren's the other night. I bet it was a Carlisle Sleepover!
by fern croft September 03, 2012
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