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The Rymo Dymo is a creature that hails from the outskirts of Glasgow. The Rymo Dymo is incredibly rare. Infact, records show, there is only one. His most distinctive characteristics are it's wee dumpy arse and it's walk, a sort of skipping mince. it has an almost magnetic attraction to any alcoholic substance.

the rymo dymo could have been described as somewhat of an elusive character in the past, due to him wearing mostly black clothing and most sightings of him, being noted to happen after dark when the dancing establishments of Glasgow (where he resides) open for business. however, more recently he could be described as being more of a rowdy creature, what with him usually feeling pretty rough after a hard night out, wearing oversized black SUN SPECS or sporting the now commonplace bright blue "ZARA MEN" zipper as his contraversial attire of choice.

probably the most amazing aspect of this creature is it's nipples. no matter what the outfit, beit a string or a steel vest their shape remain in full view.
"check the nick of you mate, you look like a pure Rymo Dymo!"

"where did you get your cardigan? Rymo Dymo's cupboard?"

"here, i can see your nipples! who do you think you are, Rymo Dymo?"
by Fergozo August 01, 2006
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