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A television show on TLC. Stacy London and Clinton Kelly are two fashion-experts that visit people (it seems they are always 21+) who are nominated by someone because of their bad fashion style.

If the person accepts, they get a card with $5000 on it, so they can get a new wardrobe. The catch is, Stacy and Clinton get to throw out any articles of clothing from their wardrobe they want. That means you, scene band shirt.

The person shows their clothing in a 360 degree mirror, and Stacy and Clinton show them everything that's wrong with what they threw on. Now, the wardrobe is critiqued and thrown out. I don't know where the clothes goes, but if it doesn't go to charity, I'll get very upset.

Now, Stacy and London watch the man or woman from a camera on the first shopping day, criticizing and complimenting the articles they pick out.

On the second shopping day, they surprise attack the shopper during their quest to help them out in person. Once all $5000 are spent, they leave, and the man or woman gives a confessional about the days shopping.

The next day, the hairstylist gives them a new (what else?) haircut & style. Then Carmindy, the annoying ("so chic, you look chic, this is CHIC! Chic chic look look!") but know-it-all makeup artist will give a female a new makeup look and a male either nothing or some tips on skin.

Now, Stacy and Clinton wait for the person to arrive and they grade the new fashions, hair and makeup (female). They then go off to meet their friends for the end of the show.

Critics of the show call it "facist" and "selfish", "ruining people's sense of originality". Others say "it's just fashion" and it's "all for fun". In my opinion, I like the show, but some episodes are really destroying someone's sense of style. I think you can be fashionable and still keep the look you want, whereas people like Lexi (a total bitch who likes to dress Lolita) got their fashion quashed.
Person: Did you catch What Not to Wear last night?
O'Person: No way, that show is facist.
Person: Oh, really? I just think it's fun. I like the cool fashions.
O'Person: It doesn't MATTER if they are cool fashions. It's conforming the world, one by one. So, yeah. Screw you.
Person: ?
by Fergie-Luv August 14, 2009
A movie with I-love-being-naked Vanessa Hudgens, some ugly nerd kid, and Alyson Michalka. DO NOT WATCH IT. It's RETARDED. Basically, some wannabe nerds who know how to play instruments and THINK they can sing get together and get a band, which, OF COURSE, *EVERYONE*, and I mean EVERYONE, just absolutely LOVES. Even though they pretty much suck.

Best Line: NONE.
Worst Line: Okay, this ruined the whole movie. "Whats your name?" *naked girl writes down SA5M* "The 5 is silent."

WTH? You loser!

Mileycyrusrules: I loved that movie, Band Slam.
Boomboompow: Wow, your a loser. *logs out*
by Fergie-Luv August 14, 2009

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