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It is a word salvaged from an alternate pre-history. Traditionally it would be the catch cry of well to do clockwork automatons wishing to express their mirth in regards to a notable quip, or otherwise amusing turn of events.

Modern usage s...ees the word fitting into much the same category as it once may have, although with less gears and monocles.
oh man, that new videogame is SOO bad it's hilarion - KaraiPantsu
by FeralOni November 23, 2010
An upper class establishment of Bro’s who consider the regular Bro code lacking in wit, charm and discretion. A Brogent still abides by the Bro code whilst doing so with a sense of style and cavalier not often displayed by the average Bro.

A Brogent is by no means a Gentleman of old – As he is by no means a Bro of modern day… but a modern hybrid of self proclaimed brilliance.

A Brogent is as promiscuous as 1986 - As daring as a high five at a funeral – As charming as reach around in a truck stop toilet… Whilst being as composed as William Shatner on a cigarette break – As assuring as a desperate and dateless with an open bar – and as sophisticated as Sean Connery fucking the queen.

A Brogent won’t only tell you who and what he did. He will do so with proper pronunciation using an old English vernacular for some reason.
why is gregg wearing a top hat and hitting on chicks with a shakespearean accent whilst administering kegstands?

didn't you know, he's a brogent
by FeralOni January 04, 2011

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