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The alternative pop-rock duet from Boston officially began in 2006 with members: Martin Johnson – vocals, rhythm guitar, Paul DiGiovanni – lead guitar, Bryan Donahue – bass, and John Keefe – drums. They initially gained publicity from pure volume, eventually landing the #1 spot on on the pure volume's Top Unsigned Artists chart. The bands first major tour began late February 2006, accompanying A Thorn for Every Heart and Hit the Lights traveling nationwide. As the tour ended, the group headed to the studio to begin recording their first album. While doing so, they were introduced to Cute Is What We Aim for, and would eventually headline their tour that June, after the completion of their album. Soon afterward, the band shot the music video for their first single from their self titled album - "Hero/Heroine". Their album was officially released August 22, 2006, shortly before beginning their first headlining tour taking place late in late August and September. The band's second single "The Great Escape" was produced in early 2007, which would reach #63 on the Pop 100, and chart the Billboard 200 in April.
With their smooth pop/rock sound, Boys Like Girls is an amazing band to listen to.
by Fenway182 June 07, 2007
A small town of about 18,000 (including town and city)in western upstate New York. Known for its lake south of the town, which holds some of the most expensive lake real estate in the country (basically affluent people from Rochester/out of state that buy summer houses). Although most people are year round residents (I am one of them) many do not own property on the lake. Despite what most people/visitors believe, the town is far from rich or snobby (compared to the wealthy suburbs of Rochester like Pittsford) with most people fitting into the middle/upper middle class category. During the summer many people visit the hyped up Rosland Water Park, only to find that it's a waste of time and money. During the winter however, one can ski at Bristol Mountain which is about a 15 minute drive from the town. Most kids living in Canandaigua attend Canandaigua Academy (the public high school) and participate in sports or art/drama.
Canandaigua is a good place to grow up with the lake during the summer, and skiing in the winter.
by Fenway182 June 06, 2007
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