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The only man that can look Chuck Norris in the eye and not die instantly, Due to his high levels of Awesome.
Chuck Norris and Mr T walked into a bar, which immediately exploded. That level of Awesome cannot be contained in anything.
by Fencing Dude July 08, 2006
The Man I mean legend that many a drummer whats to be like. He was out of control and made The Who one of the best bands of all time.
You play as loud as Keith Moon man
by Fencing Dude July 08, 2006
1. The worst practial joke of all time
2. The most powerful man on the planet also the man with the lowest IQ all time
3. One of the worst things that you can call or compare someone to
Your acting just like george w. bush trying to take over the world
by Fencing Dude July 08, 2006
A bullet that explodes on impact making a huge mess of the person that it hits
His head was smeared across the wall after it had been hit with the exploding bullet
by Fencing Dude July 08, 2006
Certain member in school society who believe that they are better than everyone else this usually includes the really hot girls and rich guy that the hot girls go out with.

Opposites: Punks, Goths and nerds
Guy: that girl is so hot, do you think i have a chance with her?
Friend: no she's one of the popular girls she wouldn't look twice at a goth like you
by Fencing Dude July 10, 2006
White guys dressed in white bedsheets who dance around flaming crosses and killing off black people because they believe that they are doing "gods work"
"The KKK took my baby away"
By The Ramones
by Fencing Dude July 08, 2006

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