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This is a person who does voice overs for soft news type shows. This person can't often remember what he or she is supposed to say, and is prone to being fired for dropping multiple f-bombs.
Wow I can't believe Jeff Walker just dropped the f-bomb again, he is definetly the voice.
by Fenbers February 12, 2010
A very weak bitch slap. Often done jokingly, but occassionally a serious gesture.
That was one serious mitch slap, I bet you didn't even feel it.
by Fenbers February 11, 2010
An acronym meaning one of two things:

1. Bad Ass Mother Fucker
2. Bitch Ass Mother Fucker
"Why does Taylor always run out I front during warmups"

"Cause he's a BAMF duh"
by Fenbers March 01, 2010
Lady and the Tramp is a term that generally refers to a female PIMP and her male PROSTITUTES. The lady is in complete control of her tramp, and is often sleeping with all or one of the tramps.
Bill:Hey did you see the Lady and the Tramp in the red light district?

Ted: Ya, she was slappin around her hoes like a real pimp!
by Fenbers February 11, 2010

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