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Black rapper widely known as "50 Cent". Gives anal sex to Feminem aka Eminem, for allegiance.
Shitty Scent is Feminem's best butt-friend i heard.
by Femi-killah October 02, 2003
German for "machinegun".
The Maschinengewehr 42 aka MG42 was also refered to as "Hitler's Buzz Saw".
by Femi-killah October 02, 2003
Homosexual rap star better known as Eminem/Feminem that is a weak, cowardly male-hooker pretending to be a hardcore thug.
Shaminem is a fake, untalented "thug" that gets his popularity with the help from Dr. Gay.
by Femi-killah October 02, 2003
Feminem candy; Round, ellipse hardened semen coated candy filled with fudge from the butt. Comes in different colours(green especially) marked with a "fem&m" on one round side.
I just bought some fem&m's from the supermarket.
by Femi-killah October 02, 2003
1.Feminem; sell-out homosexual artiste. 2.A homosexual that behaves like Feminem.
The real Slim Gaydy, Marshal Bruce Mathers III, is playing into the minds of people who love to follow popular trends in music by spreading lies in songs he did not create himself.
by Femi-killah October 02, 2003
Feminem. Rap star Eminem who cannot stimulate sexual pleasure to his now ex-wife, Kimberly Mathers through coitus.
Slim Penis has no problem inserting his penis into Dr. Gay's anus during a steamy night encounter.
by Femi-killah October 02, 2003
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