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A channel on deviantART's IRC network where approximately 15 users (see noobs) thought they owned the channel. Consequently when the actual owners of the channel got sick of their conduct, an attempt was made to clean the place up. Cue a hissy fit on the part of those 15 people, comprised mainly of complaints that the owners of the IRC channel deciding how their own channel was moderated. They then retreated to their own channel where they did nothing but bitch about #devart and deviantART administrators. Swearing not to return to #devart, they eventually returned with their tails between their legs, trying not to bring attention to their insubordination.
Guy 1: "Dude, michaeltoe got banned from #devart for linking to a drawing of a 12 year old girl getting tentacle raped!"
Guy 2: "Like, no way! Fucking Nazis!"
by fella June 26, 2004
the act of putting ones foot in between someone elses legs from behind and pulling it back, crushing their testicles.
person2:"I just fish-hooked you"
by fella March 20, 2003
An intelligent, good-looking guy.
"I want to be a Shockley when I grow up!"
by Fella March 22, 2003
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