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Noun: Euphemism for a cock-punch.

Origin: Derived from "Who Needs a Good Cock-Punching?" Statshot in the Onion, February 6, 2002, where Bono, of the Dublin band U2, was listed at #1.
Did you hear what Jay said about Dan's new house?

Yeah, he may have earned himself a Belfast Handshake.
by Felix00 June 11, 2009
A state of disaffection, particularly likely to occur when one believes one's awareness of social contradictions is pointless owing to a general lack of concern in the larger population over such contradictions.

A feeling between that of ennui and malaise, often predicated on the perception that meaningful distinctions are being swallowed up by larger cultural forces. Often felt most acutely in shopping malls.
Submitting to the forces of tirony, Steve declined to point out that the "wholly original" movie was really a remake.
by Felix00 June 22, 2009

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