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2 definitions by Felix Steiner

Living the Dream
In our world this means - Working from Home -

Common definition - Living the fucking dream (LTFD)
Living the Dream
ie - not coming into the office so you plug your work laptop into your home broadband router and log in to works secure network via vpn then go away and
a) wash the dogs
b) Gardening - prune the bush
c) DIY such as 'Tongue and Groove'
d) Have a rather large poo
e) disappear for 2 hours into town shopping then come back and claim you are having connection problems to the work network
by Felix Steiner June 28, 2006
Washing the Dogs is one of the tasks we always say our colleugues are carrying out when Living the Dream or Working from Home. It indicates that they are not really working but actually doing something less boring instead
'Where's Anthony Pond Today?'

' He's Working from Home Washing the Dogs '
by Felix Steiner June 29, 2006