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Cute way of saying "Baby", often expressed to your Lover.
"Hey Chunky butt, How are you?"
"Who's my chunky butt?, Yes you are"
by Felix Santos May 08, 2008
Latin word for "Groceries".
This word is used often untranslated among the latin community.
"I haven't done compra in like three weeks now"
"Stephanie, you gotta hook that compra up , so we can make some really good Pico de gallo"
"Thirty dollars is not enough money to make compra"
by Felix Santos May 08, 2008
For Dominicans it means to Make-out.
"Diablo son, tu te la chuleaste" (Damn son, you kissed her)
"Yo Voy a chulear con ese Jeba" (I am going to kiss that girl)
by Felix Santos May 01, 2008
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