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Acronym for Fat Upper Pussy Area. Describes the small area of fatty tissue that covers a woman's pubis bone. Not to be confused with a "flap" an obese person's (man's or woman's) hanging stomach fat that sometimes hangs low enough to obscure the genitals. FUPA size is typically unrelated to overall body fat percentage.

The FUPA serves to absorb any bumps to the area and prevent the bone-on-bone effect from the male and female pelvic bones bumping during intercourse in the missionary position. It also pushes the top of the Labia Majory slightly forwards and away from the body in the human female, providing her with additional sexual pleasure, not that most of you drunk a-holes care about her pleasure.
"Sometimes I can make my bitch cum just by sticking it in her and grinding on her FUPA."
by Felicia O July 11, 2009

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