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A conditon by which any body hair becomes tangled and or matted when contaminated with vomit and then allowed to dry.
It's a shame no one would hold her hair when she was puking. The pukeitanglia is making it stand straight up!
by Felatio Do Good April 02, 2010
Pubic Hair Entanglement Disorder or pubitanglia
Try this new shampoo expecially formulated to prevent PHED.
by Felatio Do Good April 02, 2010
A variety of pubitanglia which only occurs during the time when the penis is becoming erect "extending". Sometimes referred to extendapubitanglia. Unlike repubitanglia where pubic hair becomes entangled under the foreskin, in expubitanglia, the pubic hair becomes wrapped over or around the head of the penis and is trapped by tight fitting underwear. This condition can be avoided by regularly trimming the pubic hair.
You can tell he's got expubitanglia because of the way he walks.
by Felatio Do Good April 02, 2010
A condition where by pubic hair becomes entangled either under the foreskin, over or around the head of the penis and is subsequently trapped by tight fitting under garments.
Before he was circumcised, he suffered from chronic pubitanglia.
by Felatio Do Good April 28, 2010

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