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An Irish step dancing competition
Are you going to the feis this weekend?

I have to get new shoes for the upcoming feis.
by Feisgirl900 January 21, 2011
Verb: when a girl exerts a huge amount of force onto an object, usually in sports;whether the object stays in play in irrelevant

Noun: an act committed when a girl exerts a huge amount of force on an object, usually in sports; whether the ball stays in is irrelevant
Girl 1: *serves ball in line drive over net*
Girl 2: she totally maeved it!
Girl 3: I know! It was amazing!

Girl 1: * kicks ball from net toward the other end of field*
Crowd: * watches as ball flies over field and lands out of bounds near net on the other sign of field*
Announcer: What a Maeve!
Fans: whoohoo!
by Feisgirl900 November 04, 2011

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