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3 definitions by Feeee

Chances is something can't give, neither can you receive a chance.
You can only take a such thing.
Guy 1:You might die.
Guy 2:I'll take the chance...
by Feeee April 20, 2006
84 67
Usually a typo for the german band Rammstein or the US-airbase Ramstein in Germany. Often people who doesn't know much about either the band or airbase. Doesn't occur often in writting.
Someone: You saw that Rammenstein guy last night? Cool!
Someone else: No one is named Rammenstein, there's a band named Rammstein and an airbase named ramstein.
by Feeee April 15, 2006
21 11
DK is short for Denmark(Small country north of Germany). Often used in different internet games and is the international shortening.
Hey! Anyone from DK?
Jeg er:D
(meaning: I am:D)
by Feeee April 15, 2006
26 38