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The hole that develops over time in the crotch of one's pants due to leg friction and usage.
"I sat on the wooden bench and felt something cool between my legs - I looked down and realized my balls had slipped out due to crotch failure."
by Feech Lo Sguardo February 03, 2009
The waking coma-like state of persons walking in public and utilizing their cellular phones, Blackberries, or similar electronic hand-held devices that prevents such persons from being aware of their immediate surroundings, including passersby.
"This dumb-fuck in a celloma bumped into me on the street, knocking my coffee all over my coat."
by Feech Lo Sguardo February 03, 2009
A fleshy section on the front of the human shoulder measuring roughly 4" square that is biodesigned to absorb repeated strikes from passing open umbrellas that are not tilted away from passersby.
"This schmuck with one of those ginormous golf umbrellas just came barreling right through, hitting my left umbrellardula."
by Feech Lo Sguardo February 03, 2009

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