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Im from Howard Beach. Unless you have lived here you dont understand anything and therefore have no right to talk like you know the whole story of "The Infamous Howard Beach". Everybody outside of hb is so quick to call us racist and bias. When I was younger and john gotti was alive he took care of hb. We as kids were able to walk around any time of the day or night and not have to worry about getting jumped or robbed by ignoramous people from east ny. Yea were so racist right?? On halloween i was a victim of a hate crime. Im white and i was jumped by a group of about 15-20 black and puerto rican kids. They called me whiteboy and cracker. They tried to rob us and whn we didnt give up our stuff we were attacked. Out of complete suprise my friend was bambared. My friend recieved one punch to the temple witch landed him in the hospital with a severe concusion and amnesia. I was then attacked but i only sustained a bump on my head. While we were being attacked several times cracker and white boy was shouted at us....THIS WASN'T A HATE CRIME???? Not according to the NYPD. While in 2005 supposedly a fight happened and the black kid was called the n word an thats a hate crime? Still today u cannot walk around howard beach , constantly friends of mine are getting guns to their heads and jumped. Who are they getting jumped by? Teenagers who come from east ny. So everybody wants to judge hb and they know nothing about it. Your IGNORANT and keep leaving messages i want to see how ignorant you really are, you morons. By the way there is not a "large population of wiggers" in hb. Its mafia kids if anything so get ur facts straight you clowns.
Keep messaging garbage about Howard Beach you ignorant uneducated herbs.
by Fediccie April 03, 2008

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