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The 1st richest city in the world. A suburb north of Chicago, this is one of the best places in the country to live according to the federal government and several almanacs. It has police on every corner, a low crime rate, and very expensive clothing stores, places to shop, grocery stores, etc. To buy a small house in Lake Forest is at least $400,000. Don't plan on living here unless you want to be surrounded by materialistic people who will call you a poser if you wear etnies sweatshirts if you don't skateboard and smoke. This is truely the best city in the Chicago land area, with its low-class rivals, the people from Highlandpark, the druggies from Lake Bluff, Lake Forest is truely the best mix of all cultures, with a wide range of people from sluts to badasses, popular bitches to nerds, and goody goodies to rebels. The amount of people living in lots 8000 sqare feet or larger is almost 80% of the people, the public education teaches children 60% more of what other public schools in the Chicago land area do, although the material is harder and amount of homework is much larger. The most mansion-worthy streets in this wealthy city are Lake Road and Westminster. If you like diversity in races, this is not the place to be. 90% of all the people are white and christian/catholic. Residents here are 20% Greek, 18% German, 6% Swedish, 3% Colombian, 2% Serbian, 12% Mixed, 35% Polish, 4% Other.
When I become famous, I'm going to move to Lake Forest because their residents let the superstars live in peace, probably because their used to being accosiated with fame.
by Fed.Gov.Association House March 25, 2006

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