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Nombrilla was the name chosen by Joanne DeMontfort (1977 - 2006) for the navel fetish site she started in 1997 as an experiment.
In 1999 she created a fully functional website that included hundreds of original pictures, which eventually grew to thousands.
The name Nombrilla came from the French word for belly button - nombril.
As Joanne had been learning Spanish and welcomed people of all nationalities, she added a Spanish twist to the name - the 'll' and an 'a' to signify femininity.
Nombrilla was also the screen name that Joanne used on many chat forums.
Her legacy is that her website has been continued by friends and is now the longest running on the internet.
I saw Nombrilla's pictures.

That's one of Nombrilla's girls.

by Feckwit August 26, 2008
Caucasian male or female, adopting various elements of black urban culture.
Usually due to a lack of social identity and a psychological, some say pathological need for acceptance.
Often either unable or unwilling to either research or understand elements of their own cultural identity, feel the need to adopt that of others.
Generally found to be of comparatively low intelligence, regardless of class/financial background.
The adopted street slang and accent is often not reflective of their upbringing or intrinsic social position, but again, a desire to gain acceptance.
Self absorption regarding this social faux pas renders them blinkered to the derision of other social groups - often vilified by both their 'non-wigga' social conterparts
and the very people they seek to emulate.
'Look at dem sad wiggas on the corner. Go back to where ya came from mansion bunnies'

by Feckwit November 03, 2007
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