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Closet-emo (or closet emo)
Someone who engages in acts very similar to the emo subculture, whether it be by listening to "emotional" bands such as Hawthorne Heights or Panic! At the Disco or writes depressed broken heart poetry, but tries to keep the "extracurricular activities" secret from friends and peers.

Closet Emos sometimes have physical aspects similar to normal emos, as they may have dyed black hair an extremeley pale complexion, however paleness may be an attribute to an extreme gamer. However, for them most part they look relativly normal.

The Closet emo has become a rarety in later dates, since the commercialisation of the emo and emo subculture, emos no longer needing to fear the highschool football captian bashing them up for wareing eyeliner.
Guy: You dye your hair black! Youre a closet emo.
Girl: His hairs DYED BLACK? Fuck, it looks natural.
Closet-emo: You wouldn't know if I was a closet emo, Twiggy, since id be in the closet, which you cant open
Guy: I can so work a door! (goes and opens doors and closes it)
by Feary December 04, 2006
1) A place where ignorance is rewarded and encouraged, where ass is so cheap off the street - its free! Located south of Perth, its mean property price hasnt gone up one cent.

2) See above, slang term for Armadale

3) Arm, caught in ho (I mean, hole)
1, 2 & 3) I got off at Armahole and got bashed for rootin' someone's ho.
by Feary April 14, 2008
1: when an emo prostitutes its (however nonexistent) musical taleants to the rest of the world esp. other musical genres. These people are often strapped for cash and desperate.

emotution also occurs in these:
- movies
- Game Shows(see example)
- Current Affairs Programmes

2: !RARE! when someone who is not an emo prostitutes their talents (musical or otherwise) to a group of emos. These people are often far beyond strapped-for-cash and in need of rehab
1: They guy off The Singing Bee Is emotuting himself to plagaristic game shows. Poor bastard

2: Tom Kaulitz = reverse emotution
by Feary January 31, 2008
Internet health food. Web pages and games that are good for the body and soul. (Exceptionally rare)
Dude, ten days straight of world of warcraft is bad for you. Find some epple.
by Feary June 12, 2007

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