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The 9-month long insanity that a pregnant women experiences which can include: stupidity, long- and short-term amnesia, inability to complete simple actions, inability to keep food in their mouth and a sudden fluctuation of (sometimes simultaneous) emotions. Similar to PMS, except 100-fold and lasts for 9 loooooong months.
Husband to Friend: "OMG! My wife is so pregnazy! Last night, she yelled at me for being 5 minutes late to dinner then broke down in tears and then started laughing, ate some ice cream and took a nap - all before I could sit down to eat!"
by fearoftheson September 28, 2009
Obsessive Compulsive Braking Disorder. A disorder where the inflicted person continually, and for no apparent reason, steps and/or slams on the brakes of his/her vehicle. This disorder is inherent in the old, foreign and female sex.
Man 1: "What the fuck? This person keeps braking and there's nobody in front of him for miles!"

Man 2: "Yeah, he must have OCBD."
by Fearoftheson June 29, 2009

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