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A welcome activity that distracts you from the boredom of your everyday life. Involves texting amusing movie quotes, song lyrics, inside jokes or general randomness back and forth with a text-jester. Usually lasts until one out-jests the other.
Yesterday I did not do ANY work. I was too busy text-jesting with your dad from 12-4pm. It began with him sending one that said, 'I am a robot. I have a robot vagina.'
and my reply, 'My cock is lost in the jungle and it's up for you to find it.'
by Fdurdad January 12, 2010
A reliable clown whose purpose is to provide routine amusement, distraction and entertainment via text.

A text-jester provides texts that may seem generally off the wall and may come out of nowhere - leading to an onslaught of texts back and forth between two or more parties as to who can out-jest the other.

Primary references include hillarious and random movie quotes, song lyrics, inside jokes and references strictly for your pleasure.
Derek had me cracking up last night! Out of nowhere I received a text last night that said 'I suck dick for money.'
It took me a second, but I responded with 'Two thousand dollars, you're that good.'
And he came back with, 'Best piece of ass in three states.'
He is one hell of a text jester!


I was sooo bored at work yesterday afternoon when I got a text from Text-Jester Taylor that said 'My bottom bitch got a little smart today. She probably won't be much for workin for a few days..'
I responded with 'Shiiit. That what the bitch gets! Learn her smart ass. She's the bottom bitch for a reason! Flip the mattress and turn her tricky ass out!'
by Fdurdad January 12, 2010

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