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A combination of mang and brosef.

A different word that can be used in the place of bro, mang, brosef, brotato or any similar terms of endearment for another man in a completely heterosexual way.
Hey bro what's happening?

Not much mangsef, what about you?
by Fazzmania March 25, 2010
Someone who chooses to deliver a swift kick to the balls to democracy in an election, by scribbling profanities or drawing nonsensical pictures on their voting slip, thus making it invalid.

Particularity irritating during federal elections, this causes a huge waste of time for ballot counters as well as the fact you're throwing away your opportunity to have a say in anything.
Informal Voter: Haha, I drew a dick on my voting slip, elections are gay!

Person: Fuck you're an idiot.
by Fazzmania August 24, 2010
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