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Santee, (otherwise known as "Klantee"), is a small city that is apart of San Diego's East County. Skin heads and white supremecisits often live here, but that has been slowly changing over the years. Santee is home to Las Colinas womens prison and is filled with run down bail bonds stores. Santee had a lethal high school shooting in 2001 at Santana High School. Santee is known for being a "white ghetto" and is filled with San Diego's beer drinking, four wheel off-roading, toothless, drug-selling, white trash community. Going to Walmart in Santee is always entertaining ;) As San Diego city has slowly grown East, Santee has been swallowed into it and parts of Santee have been remodeled and improved which has been slowly changing this stereo-type of Santee for the better.
The stereotype for people who live in Santee is: white trash, loud when they shop, have mullets, shoot guns, have prematurely aged skin, are over weight and wear clothes that are too small, they off-road in the desert, have huge trucks, are unemployed or on disability, have too many kids they can't afford and love Walmart.
by Faye24 April 08, 2011
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