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(n) A foxy man who likes the cock and won't poke a fupa & thighbrow sporting dame, hood rat, ho beast or Lincoln Park trixie.
"I grabbed that hot guy AJ's ass, and he had absolutely no reaction to my advances. He like the mens, whatta waste." - Laura
#fag #fupa #ho beast #fagola #homo #girl! #thigh brow
by Faye Runaway March 31, 2006
It's the eye brow of the inner thigh that needs shaving on the ladies and some mens, too.
I thought a patch of moss was growing out of Bernadette's bikini bottom, but alas, it was just her thigh brows. She needs a Brazilian something serious.
#thighbrow #thigh brows #ho beast #shave #bathing suit #brazilian wax
by Faye Runaway March 31, 2006
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