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Cunnilingus. The act of using your mouth and tongue to stimulate your selfish bitch.
Dolan: Hey Fav, who is the new piece of quim I've seen you hangin' with?
Fav: Oh, her name is Aja. I met her online a few days ago.
Dolan: Have you been down on the muffin yet?
Fav: Hell no. She currently has a yeast infection AND her period ! Some serious hazmat brewin' down there.
Dolan: Yeeessh !
by Fav February 14, 2008
Past tense. To have beaten the stuffing out of somebody.
Fav: Word mo fro? What happened to your face?
Dolan: Got into a fight at The Thirsty Whale.
Fav: Against whom?
Dolan: Colby.
Fav: WTF? I thought you guys were friends?
Dolan: He was acting like a real shit bird so I clubber langed his ass.
Fav: Ouch !
by Fav February 13, 2008
A fictitious feature that should accompany an expensive item.
Dolan: Nice Benz Mo Fro !
Fav: Thanks D !
Dolan: Lotta Jacksons for some wheels like that?
Fav: 55K
Dolan: For that price, it better come with autosuck !
Fav: Yeat ! You got that right !
by Fav February 13, 2008
A Caucasian male who subscribes to the culture of Puerto Ricans by wearing jazz shoes, thin leather ties, pimping out his Honda and annoying the fuck out of the rest of the world with his ever present base box in the trunk.
Biff: Dude, what happened to Alex?
Thad: What do you mean?
Biff: He has become a Self Made Puerto Rican !
Thad: Yeah, the jazz shoes on a North Shore boy just ain't gonna wash. And that fucking buzz box he rides around in delivering pizzas. WTF?
Biff: And to think he was once the captain of the golf team.
Thad: Mother McCree !
by Fav February 12, 2008
The uterus. When your cock is long and her vagina is short, the extra length winds up in her uterus.
Man, nobody told me what a small cunt Amy has. I plowed my big hard cock right into the other room.
by fav January 24, 2007
In other words: Swedish Automobile Always Broken. Every Saab owner has a Saab story or a sob story.
Fav sees Dolan hitchhiking down Route 1A, pulls over to pick him up.

Fav: What up bro?
Dolan: Eh, fuckin' car broke down again.
Fav: Second fuckin' time this month?
Dolan: Yeah, Fuckin' Saab Story, don't really want to talk about it.
Fav: All right, let's go fingerbang Maryjane Rottencrotch. Maybe that will get the Saab off of your mind.
Dolan: Let's stop at The Beef Corral first, I'm starving.
Fav: Okay.
by Fav April 13, 2008
When women perform stunts with their cunts.
After shooting ping pong balls from her hole, Helen's next cunt stunt involved sitting on an open bottle and picking it up off the bar.
by Fav December 02, 2006

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