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Male to female vagina intercourse.
Rob did some serious clam stabbing in his day.
by Fav December 01, 2006
Working the clit from both sides simultaneously as if you were working a speed bag. 1,2,3, one, 1,2,3, two, 1,2,3, three....
Bones: Did you hear I went out with Jules last weekend?
Fav: Hell no ! Lucky you ! Did you do any clam stabbin' ?
Bones: Didn't I tell you I've got the wounded Marlin ?
Fav: Shit, no. D'ya get anything ?
Bones: Just did a little speed baggin'. I'll be back to my old self next week.
Fav: You'll bounce back kid ! Right'o !
by Fav February 15, 2008
A fat and meaty vagina. Large and thick labia minora and majora.
Mary wasn't a typical teenage girl, she had quite the quarter pounder between her legs.
by Fav December 01, 2006
When an extremely intoxicated male wakes up in unfamiliar surrounding and has to urinate badly but has no knowledge of where the bathroom is. He then proceeds to relieve himself on anything resembling a toilet.
Fav: Dude, I fucking pulled a PJ last nite.
Dolan: Where?
Fav: Baker's hamper.
Dolan: She hacked off?
Fav: No doubt. I got some splainin' to do.
by Fav February 13, 2008
The mark your log leaves inside the toilet bowl.
Jesus, I know Mary used the bathroom last! I can't believe the friggin' dude skid she left for me. Insane to think she just logged out!
by fav January 23, 2007
The crispy and dried stains you find in the crotch of women's panties.
I had every intention of sniffing her panties but then I noticed the mayonnaise stains and quickly changed my mind.
by Fav December 02, 2006
Cunnilingus. The act of using your mouth and tongue to stimulate your selfish bitch.
Dolan: Hey Fav, who is the new piece of quim I've seen you hangin' with?
Fav: Oh, her name is Aja. I met her online a few days ago.
Dolan: Have you been down on the muffin yet?
Fav: Hell no. She currently has a yeast infection AND her period ! Some serious hazmat brewin' down there.
Dolan: Yeeessh !
by Fav February 14, 2008

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