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2 definitions by FauxRealz

Said when someone is rambling on about nonsense and is starting to get on your nerves. Much funnier than saying "alright get to the point" or "shut the FUCK up". Made famous by the movie "Couple's Retreat".
Stupid Hoe: I miss u sooooo much and I only wanna be wit u!!! I mean I've slept with so many men while we've been apart and I just wanna say that none of them were as good as you and I woke up half the time and didn't know their names I just wanna-

Guy: ALRIGHT!!! Land the plane!!!
by FauxRealz October 26, 2009
27 7
A ridiculous word used to totally confuse the hell out of anyone it is said to. Especially effective if used as a response to a question in conversation.
John: Yo Bill, what was the score of the game last night?
Bill: Oh the Cowboys game? Yeah, it was flutengabin.
John: It was what?!?!?!??!
Bill: Huh?
by FauxRealz October 26, 2009
9 0